Bibles, Photo Albums, Scrapbooks donated to RCHS


The Girl Graduate: Her Own Book

 Pauline E. Day

Graduate of Winchester High School

June 3, 1912

Class photo of 4th and 5th Grade WHS 1907.

Individual original photos:

 O. R. Bales, Superintendent

Nettie Betten  

W. F. Reagan

Gladys Morris  

Mary Marson

Oscar Puckett  

Gertrude Unthank

C. E. McKinney  

Bernice E. Puckett

Nellie M. Wilmore  

Chester C. Mary

Fred W. Climer  

Mary G. Stout

Wilbur M. Baily 

Helen Reinheimer

Pauline Edger Day  

Pierre Goodrich

Carl McCamish  

Hazel Gordon

Ralph Bales   

Alice Starbuck

Elma Susan Abshire 

George Ashton 

Thomas Veach  

Minnie Ludwick

Floyd Brown   

Melva Harris

Vance Eisenhour  

Jesse Diggs 


My Commencement: Memories and Records of School Life


Arline M. Browne


251 E. South Street, Winchester, Ind.

June 4, 1914.

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Original photos in the album:

Oscar R. Baker, Superintendent of Winchester Pubic Schools

C. E. Prichard, Science teacher  

Nettie Betten, German teacher

Mary E. Mason, History teacher  

Oscar G. Puckett, English and Music teacher

Gertrude Unthank, Drawing teacher  

C. E. McKinney, teacher

Gladys Morris, Mathematics teacher  

Robert D. Macdaniel, classmate

Mary Elizabeth Nichols, classmate  

Mary Russell, classmate

Jennie J. Jessup, classmate   

Mary Thompson, classmate

Alice Coats, classmate   

Ina E. Stanley, classmate

? E. Brown, classmate   

James R. Davis, classmate

Paul B. Hubbard, classmate   

Juanita Marie Harduraw, classmate

Frances Agnes Clevenger, classmate 

Hazel Thornburg, classmate

Mary Mendenhall, classmate   

Lora Mae Sarber, classmate

Gelphia Gilbert, classmate   

Irene Robinson, classmate

William Bryan Templin, classmate  

Lawrence Coats, classmate

Jonas “Joner” Stonerock, classmate  

Grace Ramsey, classmate

Gertrude “Peg” Kabel, classmate  

Edith F. Miller, classmate

Bill Bales, classmate    

Thelma Cable, classmate

Mary Lucile Schroeder, classmate  

Eunice Frazier, classmate

Evelyn Cox, classmate   

John A. Ruby, classmate

Arline M. “Maggie” Browne, classmate

Class of 1909 group photo, August 1, 1931 reunion (John Cheney class)

Class of 1909 reunion photo (John Cheney’s class) August 1931

WHS Class of 1914 Enjoys Reunion, photo from newspaper

Chemistry Class, November 1884, photo by E. R. Hiatt photographer