Historic Buildings in Randolph County, Indiana

Historic Buidings

GENERAL information for buildings, structures, sites within Randolph County.  

Some locations will have a separate  'page' in order to provide space for greater detail of the site. 


James Moorman Orphans Home

Location reference is about 2235 West SR 32, Winchester, Indiana 47394. 

No building remains. 


Please be respectful and do not pass the gate.  Be safe if you pull off the road to see the columns as that is all that remains of 'structural' markers. 

Established 1889. 

Mr. James Moorman was provided for in his will.  

Mrs. John D. Howard was the matron.

Reference materials available for review at RCHS: 

Two binders of research that includes photos of the building, photos of children who lived at the orphanage, transcriptions of records, and newspaper clippings of the orphanage.

Also is information about James "Uncle Jimmy" Moorman who established the funds to build the home.  

SIX original ledgers were donated to The Museum in August 2018.  


Randolph County Courthouse

The clocktower, turrets, and mansard roof  were removed in 1954 when County Commissioners deemed them unsafe. 

The tower bell was placed as a monument on the courthouse lawn. 

Features of the courthouse included beaux-arts inspired plan, rock-faced limestone foundation, brick walls, and limestone detailing. It is bilaterally symmetrical. There are limestone bands encircling the perimeter, as well as a beltcourse that divides the levels. Limestone quoins are located on each corner.  A galvanized iron entablature caps the building that features dentils and modillions.