Monuments & Historical Markers in Randolph County, Indiana

Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Civil War -Union

Location - Randolph County Courthouse lawn, north east corner, Winchester, Indiana. 

Visionary - When he passed away, James Moorman left $2,000 to start a fund to build a monument to honor Union soldiers who fought in the Civil War.  A petition signed by 3,914 Randolph County residents was presented to county commissioners asking for additional funds to build a more suitable monument.  The commissioners granted the request on Aprill 11, 1885 with an amount of $25,000.  

Sculptor - Lorado Taft. A bronze plaque located on the east side of the monument reads: Lorado Taft 1860-1936. World Renowned American Sculptor of the bronze figures on this monument was educated in Paris. His sculpture is displayed at Gettysburg and prominent museums. This monument dedicated July 21, 1892, is one of his finest works. 

Designer – May 8, 1885, county commissioners, trustees, and an advisory committee approved the monument design made by A. A. McCain of Indianapolis, Indiana for $100. 

Construction - July 18, 1889, A. A. McCain was given the contract to erect the monument for $23,000. It was to be finished on October 1, 1890. It was not finished until April 1892, and it was noted the top design had changed from the initial design.  July 21, 1892 was an unveiling ceremony. 

Corner Stone - Laid August 15, 1889. A tin box was sealed and in place. Items included: names of all Union soldiers who enlisted from Randolph County; roster of each Grand Army post in Randolph County; roster of the camps of the Sons of Veterans; a ritual and badge of each Grand Army, Sons of Veterans, and Women's Relief Corps; a copy of the last issue of each newspaper published in Randolph County; names of the Grand Officers, department of Indiana, and names of all Union Soldiers residing in Randolph County in 1889. 

Height - total is 73 feet. The monument is 55 feet and sits on a base that is 24 feet square with four cannon muzzles on each front. 

Statues surrounding base – 

Each corner has a parapet with a 6 foot tall bronze figure representing the four branches of military service. 

Artillery man, northwest corner. 

Sailor man, southwest corner. 

Infantry man, northeast corner.

Calvary man, southeast corner. 

A bronze sheet also circles the tower. It is six feet wide and twenty-four feet in circumference. It is covered in soldier's life battle scenes. 

A bronze tablet is on the east side. It honors James Moorman for his initial vision. 

A bronze emblem is on the south side. It represents the Grand Army badge. 

School Consolidation Marker -bronze plaque located on the south side of the monument. It includes the name of 18 high schools. The plaque reads: Randolph County: First in the nation with all rural consolidated high schools. Lee L. Driver, School Superintendent. 

Bronze plaque at the base of the monument is the story of Randolph County, Indiana. The focus is the county seat, Winchester, Indiana. 

Source - "The Smith & Driver History Book" as it's commonly called. 

Smith, John L., and Lee L. Driver. Past and Present of Randolph County Indiana.  Indianapolis, Indiana: A. W. Bowen and Company, 1914.

In 2009 the soldier on top was removed for renovation, cleaning, repair. 


Doughboy Monument

World War I. 

"Spirit of the Doughboy" monument.

Location - Randolph County Courthouse lawn, north west corner, Winchester, Indiana. 

Unveiling - The 10th Anniversary of Armistice Day, November 11, 1928. 

Sculptor - Earnest Moore "Dick" Viquesney (August 5, 1876 - October 4, 1946). From Spencer, Indiana.  

Statue statistics - material is sheet bronze, 7 feet in height, base is 27 inches square, and the base is granite.  

Statue Cost - $1,250.00 paid by "The 5 Goodrich Brothers' of Randolph County, Indiana. 

Base Cost - $1,760.00 paid by fundraising of the Winchester Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Plaque on the statue notes that Randolph County, Indiana had 36 men serve in World War I. 

Source: Resource files & folders located at the Randolph County Historical  and Genealogical Society, Winchester, Indiana. 

Lamp of Freedom

Lamp of Freedom

Location - Randolph County Courthouse lawn, Winchester, Indiana. 

Circa 1950. 

Two metal lamps rest atop a limestone base. 

A functional lantern sits behind a metal sculpture of an old oil lamp.

The base has carved/engraved: Behold Friend - You Are on Hallowed Ground, For Here Burns Freedom's Holy Light. 

The gas burning light was replaced with incandescent lights.

Souce: Files and folders of information located at the Randolph County Historical and Genealogical Society in Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana.    


Old 44

A bronze cannon set upon a concrete foundation. Base inscription: Old 44. 

Civil War cannon. Originally utizlied by Captain Wright and the "Little 44" artillery outfit. 

Manufactured in 1863 by Phelps, Parker and Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Obtained by members of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) for parades political campaigns, and other patriotic celebrations. 

Purchased from an Army surplus store in Chicago, Illinois. 

Randolph County Courthouse Bell

The bell once hung in the Randolph County Courthouse tower.

Removed from the Courthouse tower in 1954 when the upper portion of the courthouse was removed. 

The bell was manufactured by M. C. Shane and Company, Baltimore, Maryland. 

In 1956, the bell was placed on the Courthouse lawn by the Randolph County Historical Society. 


Revolutionary War Plaque

Location - Randolph County Courthouse south lawn, Winchester, Indiana. 

Bronze plaque on a large boulder.  Plaque reads: In memory of Randolph County's Pioneer Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Unmarked Graves. 

Provided by the Winchester Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Randolph County Pioneer Society. 

Army Tank

Location - Randolph County Courthouse lawn,  Winchester, Indiana. 

Korean War-Era Army tank placed on a concrete slab. 

Bronze plaque reads: In Commemoration of the Veterans of World War II and Korean Conflict - Randolph County - Dedicated May 30, 1958. 


Military Memorial

Dedicated To All Veterans:  Past - Present - Future

 Location - Randolph County Courthouse lawn,  Winchester, Indiana.