Artifact of the Week


Circuit Court Affidavit 1895

As we continue work to clean out, reorganize, and revitalize the museum, we keep finding absolute gems like circuit court ledgers from as far back as 1895 that have receipts, affidavits, and warrants in them. 

This affidavit reads in full: The State of Indiana, Randolph County. Before me, Joab Ward, a Justice of the Peace for said County, came Charles I Golden, who being duly sworn according to law, deposet: That on or about the Ninth day of October in the year 1895, at the County of Randolph and the State of Indiana, Harry Bookard, late of said County, did then and there unlawfully have the charge of runnig a railroad freight train on the railroad known as the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway Company, and did then and there unlawfully suffer, permit, and allow said train to remain standing across a certain public street then and there situated in the town of Ridgeville in said county and state, to [illegible] the street for the space of five minutes without leaving a space of sixty feet across said street and did then and there and thereby obstruct said street contrary to the form of the Statutes in such cases made and provided, and against the peace dignity of the State of Indiana. 

Mr. Bookard parked the train to go get some lunch! And ended up paying a $3 fine, lawyers fees, court costs, and marshall expenses. That's an expensive lunch! LOL

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Tours of the historic home and extensive annex for groups can be arranged with private tour guides.  There is currently no charge for tours, but donations will be happily accepted to assist in funding utility bills. 

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The Barn located in the parking lot behind  the Museum houses many antique farming artifacts and treasures under renovation for future exhibits. Private tours can be arranged to check out what's in storage. 



One exhibit that is ongoing is the expansion of the military service honor wall.  Items from post-World War 1 are just what we need.  If you would like to contribute, contact a board member to peruse your collection.