Churches of Randolph County, Indiana

Jericho Friends Church



Jericho Files. Gray binder. The Jericho Conservative Friends Meeting; 22 front and back pages in page protectors. Sparrow Creek 1841, Jericho; 21 pages front and back in page protectors; handwritten minutes of Sparrow Creek Monthly Meeting. Marriage Records of Poplar Run Monthly Meeting of Friends, 1849; 5 pages front and back in page protectors; typed note by W. Heiss 1949. Some Friends Birth Records of Randolph County, Indiana, 6 pages, not in page protectors; typed record, compiled not identified and date compiled not noted.

Jericho Files. White binder. Southern Friends in the Settlement and Organization of Randolph County, Indiana 1814-1830 by G. Hinshaw. 13 pages front and back in page protectors. Typed, date written not noted. Quaker Sesoui-Centennial 1812-1962: Observing our 150th Yearly Meeting, the Friends Church, Ohio Yearly Meeting, Damascus, OH; 35 single sided pages not in page protectors.  A History of Providence Friends Church in Darke County, Ohio; by G. Hinshaw dated June 2008; 2 pages single sided not in page protectors.

Jericho Friends Meeting and It's Community: Randolph County, Indiana 1818-1958; about 5x7 size hardbound book. Copyright 1958. Publisher: Edwards Brothers, Inc, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 162 pages.

Jericho Friends Meeting and Its Community: Supplement 1958-1983. About 5x7 softcover book. Copyright 1983. Publisher: Print Press, Dublin, Indiana. 76 pages. 

We are surprised and saddened to note we do not seem to have a record for Jericho Cemetery that is located at the church.  If you wish to compile and donate a record of burials at the cemetery, please contact a current Board Member.