Post Offices of Randolph County, Indiana

Horn Post Office


Franklin Township.


Located on a map in Section 33. 

Ridgeville Post Office


Franklin Township.

1851 and still active.

Sherman Post Office


Franklin Township.


Located in Sherman’s Store in New Dayton. 

Located on the 1874 Map in Franklin Township. 

Brinkley Post Office


Green Township.

1881 - 1901

Located in Alonzo Brinkley’s store in Shedville, a small unplatted town, five miles north of Farmland.

Emmetsville Post Office


Greeen Township.

1846 - 1901

Fairview Post Office


Green Township.

1873 - 1901

Arba Post Office


Greensfork Township.


Crete Post Office


Greensfork Township.


Established when the Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railroad was built.

Spartanburg Post Office


Greensfork Township. 


Allensville Post Office


Jackson Township

No record of an Allensville post office, However, Heiss/Hamilton shows that there was a post office in 1893. 

Castle Post Office


Jackson Township


Located  on the 1874 Atlas.

Jordan Post Office


Jackson Township

September 20, 1856 

until April 30, 1857,

Reference the 1857 to 1904 Jay County, Indiana maps. 

Mars Hill Post Office


Jackson Township.


Mentioned in the 1882 County History Book by E. Tucker that it had been closed for 15 to 20 years at that time.  

Located in New Lisbon, but could not be named New Lisbon as a post office by that name already existed in Henry County, Indiana. 

New Lisbon is noted as a post office village in the 1855 World Gazetter. 

William Wickersham was postmaster of Mars Hill. Wickershams are known in the New Lisbon area, but the unidentified post office in 1855 could also be Point Pleasant post office.

Mount Holly Post Office


Jackson Township


Located in the 1865 Map.

New Middleton Post Office


Jackson Township


New Pittsburg Post Office


Jackson Township


Located in Pittsburg, IN.

Located in the 1865 and 1874 Maps.

Rickert Post Office


Jackson Township


Located in Section 18 in Jackson Township.

Located in a grocery store that was near the intersection of 500 East and 700 North. 

Samuel C. Rickert was the postmaster.

Bragg Post Office


Monroe Township

1888 - 1900

Reported to be 11 miles north west of Winchester. 

Assumed to be the Bragg parcel in Section 29 seen in 1909 Plat Book.

Farmland Post Office


Monroe Township.

1853 and still active.

Parker City Post Office (Parker Post Office) (Morristown Post Office)


Monroe Township.

Parker Post Office: 1853-1985.
Morristown Post Office: 1870-1871.
Parker City Post Office 1985 and still active. 

Parker City was originally platted as Morristown in 1851, and the new name of Parker was given to the area when the Bellfontaine and Indiana railroad was brought to the town shortly after. 

The post office was named Parker in 1853 and shown in the 1865 map as being in Morristown. In 1870, a new post office was opened as Morristown post office, but there was a Morristown post office already in Shelby County, Indiana and the Morristown post office was closed, with Parker remaining as the other post office. 

The post office name was then changed to Parker City in 1985.

Chamness Post Office


Nettle Creek Township (now Union Township).


Started just across the county line in Henry County, IN in 1882 by Sylvester Chamness.

In 1889, Thomas Beeson became the postmaster. 

In 1895, the post office was to Randolph County, where it was located in a small hotel or station called Chamness Station on the Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railroad.

Fallen Timber Post Office


Nettle Creek Township.


Seven different postmasters in six years, and at least two different locations. 

Heiss/Hamilton described it’s location two miles north east of Old Losantville in 1893.

A map circa 1892 shows the post office in the southwest corner of Section 23 in Nettle Creek township which is two miles south and one mile west of Goodview.

A map in 1886 shows it being located between branches of the Little White River, southwest of Goodview. 

In a 1882 map, it is show in the southwest corner of Section 36, a mile west of today’s Modoc, IN. 

Two of the postmasters owned land in Section 36.

Losantville Post Office (Old Losantville Post Office) (Bronson)


Nettle Creek Township.

1854 and still active.

Losantville was a small burg just north of present day Losantville and was called Bronson at that time. 

Old Losantville was laid out by Lemuel Wiggins and was the first post master, Old Lostantvile on the 1865 and 1874 maps. 

Once the Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railway was built through Bronson area, the settlement known as Losantville drifted south and the town was platted as Bronson at that time, 

The post office moved to the new town, but kept it’s name of Losantville.

Melacton Post Office (Goodview Post Office) (Pleasantview) (Pinch)


Nettle Creek Township.

Melacton Post Office: 1878-1880.
Goodview Post Office: 1880-1898.

Goodview post office was located in the town of Pleasantview, which is located on the township lines of Stoney Creek and Nettle Creek. 

Original named Melacton, the name was changed when Goodlope Wright became the postmaster.

In 1885 the post office was move one mile south to Barrax’s Crossroads when William N. Day became the postmaster. 

Sometime this area is also called Pinch.

Modoc Post Office


Nettle Creek Township.

1883 and still active.

Lavaca Post Office (Possibly: Maxville)


Township not identified.


Lavaca post office was open in the last half of 1890 for four short months. 

Tipton W. White, a Civil War veteran of Maxville was postmaster, so the post office was likely located in Maxville, but no firm evidence exists. 

This mail went to Farmland once the post office closed.

Point Pleasant


Township not identified. 


Point Pleasant post office opened in 1854 and closed in 1855.

Thomas Horn was the only postmaster. 

Little is known of this post office, and that includes it’s location.

Fort Wayne Post Office


Wayne Township.

Fort Wayne post office was created when Randolph County stretched all the way to the Indiana/Michigan state line (1820-1824) and was a part of Wayne Township. 

Opened on February 4, 1820. 

Benjamin B. Kercheval was the first postmaster.

Salamanie Post Office


Salamanie Township.


Salamanie post office is now located in Jay County, Indiana.

It was created in Randolph County, Indiana before the county line change. 

In 1820, this area was a part of Wayne Township of Randolph County.

In 1835 the area was reorganized into Salamanie Township.

The post office was established near College Corners, just south of Portland with Daniel Farber as postmaster.

Neff Post Office


Stoney Creek Township.


Located on the 1874 map.

Windsor Post Office (Opal Post Office)


Stoney Creek Township.

Windsor Post Office: 1831-1898.
Opal Post Office: 1900-1901.

Opal post office was located in Windsor, IN according to Heiss/Hamilton.

Clarke Post Office (Stone Station)


Ward Township.


Located at the railroad at Stone Station,

On the 1909 Plat Map.

Mississinewa Post Office (Deerfield Post Office)


Ward Township.
Mississinewa Post Office: 1833-1837.
Deerfield Post Office: 1837-1915.

Deerfield was platted around 1833 at the crossroads of the Logansport and Greenville Road (IN 28) and the Richmond and Fort Wayne Road (US 27). 

Located just south of the Mississinewa River it was originally named Mississinewa post office.

Then changed to Deerfield Post Office. 

For a short time in fall of 1869 the mail was sent to Randolph #2, but this proved to be an unpopular move and the post office was reopened. 

Did you know that the Deerfield Post Office Wall Sorter is at the Museum? 

Come in and see this piece from the past.

Randolph #2 Post Office


Ward Township. 


Located just south of Deerfield, IN at the railroad crossing in the town of Randolph, IN, 

Located in the 1874 Map. 

It was opened after the Deerfield Post Office closed in 1869, and closed  permanently in 1900.

Saratoga Post Office


Ward Township.

1867 and still active.

Bloomingsport Post Office


Washington Township. 


Johnson Post Office


Washington Township.


Located at Johnson Station, shown on the 1874 Map.

Le Gro Post Office


Washington Township.


Located one mile east of the north-south line of Bloomingsport and one mile north of the county line with Wayne County, IN.

Located in a 1838 Map. 

William Conner and Johnathon Johnson served as postmasters.

Lynn Post Office (Old Lynn Post Office)


Washington Township.

Old Lynn Post Office: 1838-1842.
Lynn Post Office: Re-opened in 1848 and still active.

Old Lynn post office was opened in 1838 about three miles south and one mile east of present day Lynn, near “Quaker Lynn” community. 

Lynn was platted in 1847 with a new post office opened in 1848.

Rural Post Office


Washington Township.


Located in Woods Station on the railroad shown in the 1874 and 1909 Maps.

Snow Hill Post Office


Washington Township.


Old Snow Hill was shown on the 1865 Wall Map in Washington Township closer to where Mt. Pleasant Church was on US 27. 

By 1874 the Snow Hill post office was shown at Snow Hill Station on the railroad. 

According to Heiss/Hamilton the post office and settlement was moved to the railroad site once built.

Balaka Post Office


Wayne Township.


Located in the town of Salem (aka South Salem) in Wayne Township.

Bartonia Post Office


Wayne Township


Harrisville Post Office


Wayne Township


Randolph #1 Post Office


Wayne Township


Located in Greensfork Township before township lines were changed, and would now be located in Wayne Township. 

The post office is noted to be one half of a mile west of Bartonia, and was just east of the 1795 Indian Boundary (Greene Ville Treaty) also known as Boundary Pike and on the north side of the Winchester-Greenville Pike.

Union City Post Office


Wayne Township.

1852 and still active.

Carlos City (Carlos) Post Office


West River Township


In 1882 the Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railway was built, and Carlos City post office was established.

Cerro Gordo Post Office


West River Township.


Located in the town of Buena Vista, and was name Cerro Gordo because there was an established Buena Vista post office in Jefferson County, Indiana. 

Smith (Vulcan) (Hunt’s Cross Roads) (Trenton) Post Office


West River Township.

Smith Post Office: 1822-1829.
Vulcan Post Office: 1829-1832.
Hunt’s Cross Roads Post Office: 1832-1849.
Trenton Post Office: 1849-1902.

Smith Post Office started in January 1822, named Smith for the postmaster, William Smith, who owned land where Huntsville is now located. He purchased this land in 1817 and was west of treaty line known as the 1809 Indian boundary and was a part of Wayne County. 

In 1829 the name was changed to Vulcan, with James Wright as the postmaster. Maps indicate that Wright lived in the Botkin neighborhood that was south and east of Huntsville, so it would seem that the post office moved a short distance and got a new name. 

In 1832, the post office move to present day Huntsville, also known as Trenton,  and the name was changed to Hunt’s Cross Roads. Postmasters were William and James M. Hunt and Mahlon Farquhar. 

In 1849, the name was changed to Trenton which is referred to on the 1865 and 1874 maps as well as census records in the Huntsville location.

Swain’s Hill Post Office


West River Township.


Swain’s Hill is shown in 1882 maps in West River Township in section 5. The post office was at the home of it’s postmaster Ira Swain. 

In 1882, the Indianapolis, Bloomington and Western Railway was built just west of Lee Summit and Swain’s Hill, this site was then laid out to be Modoc, which opened a post office in 1883.

Unionport Post Office


West River Township.


Macksville Post Office


White River Township.


Location is shown in White River Township in 1865, 1874 and 1909 Maps of the county. 

Macksville is now called Maxsville.

Mull Post Office


White River Township.


Located in unincorporated town of Mull which is also known as Lickskillet. Located at the cross roads of 500 West and 300 North. A portion of the building was still standing in 1990.

Winchester Post Office


White River Township.

1820 and still active.

Became the second post office opened in Randolph County, with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Charles Conway as the first post master.